Tuesday May 18, 2010 22:50

Taylor Swift Is NARM’s Artist Of The Year

Posted by Randy


Taylor Swift was awarded Artist of the Year by the National Association of Recording Merchandisers. Appearing in olive green dress, the singer attended the award’s dinner held in Chicago Illinois on May 17.

NARM is a not-for-profit trade association that serves music retailing businesses in lobbying and trade promotion. Mission Statement of NARM as follows “It serves the music and other prerecorded entertainment software industry, since it is the pre-eminent forum for insight and dialog in an increasingly diverse and rapidly evolving industry”. Said The NARM

In addition, ‘Valentine’s Day‘ director Garry Marshall complimented the singer during and interview with MTV.

“Taylor Swift was quite good in the movie and Taylor Lautner too. In addition to that, I said, ‘You know there’s a prize for best kiss? So we might as well try for it.’ And Taylor Lautner kind of hid. He didn’t want to get involved in any of these. Anyway, he went along with it. We did one in the movie, which was pretty good, but then we did a whole shot of a best kiss that was damn good,” said Marshall.

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