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Wednesday May 16, 2012 07:15

New Developments in Electric Cars

Rising gas prices and improved technology combine to make electrics more appealing than ever. Or at least that seems to be the prediction of auto makers. American car makers, not previously all that enthused about electrics or hybrids, are getting into the game in a big way. GM will continue to market the plug-in hybrid […]

We been told a gossip earlier throughout week that Canon might possibly be announcing their latest DSLR, it is now certified, and Canon has at the moment announced the Canon EOS 5D Mark III the highly envisioned EOS 5D Mark III. With supercharged EOS performance and mind-blowing full frame, high-resolution image capture, the EOS 5D […]

Apple is practicing everything it will to differentiate its type of laptops, the MacBook Pro, from dozens of other “PCs” available. Nonetheless it appears that anything Apple does is copied, along with one or two cases made substantially better. Now Apple’s got another trick up its sleeve; a super-high resolution display because of its MacBook […]

Wednesday December 14, 2011 07:15

O2 Launches Rent an iPhone

O2 has launched a fresh leasing system for iPhone. The corporation now means that you can rent an iPhone 4S at the 12 month contract for £55/month. By the end of many contract you post a virtual phone back to O2.When paying £55/month to O2 you get a 16GB iPhone 4S (£65/month for 32GB model). […]

Sunday September 11, 2011 07:15

Sony Reader Wi-Fi introduced

Sony has just introduced their most recent access into the world of e-book readers, what with the Sony Reader Wi-Fi – and if you are a natural fan of model numbers, you can always call it the PRS-T1. This is touted to be the lightest touch screen 6″ eReader device in the market and to […]