Sunday May 9, 2010 21:25

Katy Perry’s Fiance Threatens To Post Sexy Pictures Of Her As a Revenge

Posted by Randy


Russell Brand posted on his Twitter warning his fiancee that he will post sexy pictures of her after  his wedding dress antics. Hitmaker of  “I kissed a Girl”  Katy Perry, who accepted his marriage proposal,  is also far from the normal woman in this planet.

It was of no surprise that Perry posted on Twitter pictures of Russell Brand, star of “Forgetting Sarah Marshall sequel Get Him To The Geek,”  in a tight-fitting lacy wedding dress.

So as a revenge he posted, “I’m trying to think of a way to get revenge, Let me tell you there are photos of her on my phone that could go nuclear.”

However being just a comedian as he was, he quickly followed his post: “A man has to be respectful…I’m so tempted but I feel I’m going to need my testicles for the future.”

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