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is it legal to stream movies on kodi

Posted by Randy

Is Kodi legal?

Kodi is a media player. It was basically designed to play your own media. It was developed by Non profitable developer community. Due to the gaining popularity of kodi among the overall developer community, many other developers had planned to use its network features, to stream some pirated contents. So they developed addons, which gives additional functionality to the kodi. Some of these addon helps to streams the pirated contents. This casted a big rumor, that kodi is illegal.

In simple terms kodi is legal, if you are using it for playing your own contents. And at the same time, kodi is illegal if you are using it to watch pirated contents. This grey shade of kodi attracts many developers. And 100 of addons has been developed so far. Most of the addons act as the tool, to access the pirated contents. These addons are stored in a group called repository. A repository may have multiple addons, depends on the size of the repository. By using network feature, these repository has to be added to kodi, to install addons.

What happens if you caught streaming?

If you get caught in any of the copyright, you will be sued and a lawsuit will be framed on you. And these will be taken care by official authorities. Genrally they wont go for individuals, because they cant pay such huge money. Most probably they will frame a lawsuit. And the individual may be peanalized or improsioned. This will happen only if you get caught. And the possibility for that is very minimal.

what will happen to kodi?

Being a opensource software, nothing will happen to kodi. Mostly the illegal addo developers will face issues. Kodi had won the peoples heart. so most probably, politicians wont involve in this issue. So dont worry, kodi will always be there. Kodi did not support any form of illegal activity. kodi wants to put itself away from the black hat developer. And kodi official team is trying their best to stop piracy in kodi.

Genrally bad stuff attracts large number of people, kodi is the best example for it. And it will a great loss for producers. Since their movies are stramed free on kodi. So kodi is just a media player, with addons its can play additional contents. Some of the experts think, all the digital contents should be available for free. This will eradicated piracy, to a certain level.

Who use Kodi?

Normally kodi is all age software, there is no limit for the usage of kodi unless you know, how to use kodi. But some addons do have age restrictions. Mostly kodi is used by people from 18 to 25. We hope it will grow with the time. And it also leads next genration towards piracy.

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