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How Popular Will Google’s Project Glass Be?

Posted by Randy

When Google announced its plans to release a pair of augmented reality goggles, the industry was abuzz with discussions of how the product would function and what it would offer the already booming technology market.

Admittedly in the first instance the news was pretty groundbreaking, and after learning more of the details the news was even more impressive. But how did we get here and just how popular can the project be?

Another industry development?

After smartphones took over the technology world, providing a device through which billions across the globe could surf the web, access emails, use social media, bank and shop on-the-go, it seemed the next step would be to produce smaller, simpler and more sleek smartphone devices.

The natural progression continued into tablet devices, further optimizing capabilities for consumers to access a plethora of information in one place.

The Google glasses project has taken out the need for the physical device; there is no modern phone, no sleek tablet. In their absence, instead, stands a simple pair of glasses (okay, less of the simple and more of the impressive, granted).

More offered for the user

Google’s Project Glass offers everything of a smartphone or tablet and more. Not only will you be able to get directions to that café, Glass will even guide you there. You will be able to receive emails via the goggles, with notifications popping up and asking you what you want to do next. Need a decent place for a haircut? No problem, just Google it with your glasses!

Perhaps Glass is the new baby in the family of technological advances. The smarter, easier to get-along-with newcomer, outshining its older siblings.

But is said newcomer more popular?

Are we going to see people wandering the streets with the glasses?

True, Glass has excited many. But will we really be sitting in a café – which we’ve located through our glasses – in a few years’ time, sending messages to friends via voice command whilst being shown ads in front of our very eyes?

I for one am incredibly excited by the news…yet I can’t help but wonder if it will really catch on. Gaming goggles are one thing, but wearing AR glasses 24/7 seems far off, even in a world where technology rules.

It will be incredibly exciting to see where the project will end up. Who knows, in a few years’ time I could be sitting here typing this on a keyboard in front of my eyes…

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