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Expected Intelligence of Google Driverless Car in Future

Posted by Randy

The self-driving car is in the phase of development. Time is not far when you will see these driverless cars in every part of the world. Presently, these cars are operating in two different US states. Recently, California State has given a permission to run this car on the road freely. Google is working to improve its efficiency through learning mechanism.

However, auto manufacturers and computer experts are thinking far ahead of self-driving cars. This vehicle will be more than a driverless car. The artificial intelligence technology introduced by Google in this vehicle can take it to next generation technology. This technology will be capable of performing function that human being can do in their regular life. The only thing required is the learning process. Some of the amazing prospect of this technology is discussed in detail below:


Changing the oil of your car seems to be one hell of a task. You have to take some time out, go the car center, and get it done. However, it is expected that with driverless car, you do not have to worry about such problems. These problems will be dealt directly by your car. Through artificial intelligence technology, your car will keep in consideration all the needs of your car. If there is a need for oil change, AI technology will find the oil changing companies and will analyze their prices. It will than drive itself towards that Company. Oil changing services would be open for 24 hours a day and they will be completely automatic as your car. You car will reach there and will give the signal through Wi-Fi message or maybe some other future technology. The door of the company garage will open. You car will communicate through Wi-Fi with the company’s machine. All of this process will be done automatically. You auto engine will shut down once it will enter garage and the bonnet will open. The oil changing facility will change oil in your car and once it is done, your car will be ready to leave. It will move back towards your home and will be in your garage with all the process done without even letting you know. The payment will be deducted from your credit card.

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This process seems to be very imaginative for us presently, but time is not far when we will be accustomed to such practices. In 25-30 years, we can expect such technology if the manufacturers are able to decrease the price of self-driving cars. Even large trucks and auto carriers will become self-dependent and the use of human labor in raw works will decrease. Human beings will be more specialized in other task in which they will use more mind than physical power.

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