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10 Best Dark Type Pokemon

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Are you looking for the freshest and most scary Pokemon to defeat your opponent? Then dark type Pokemon are the good Pokemon to start. It is one of the best Pokemon types that stand against the overpowered psychics and scare the opponents. This article gives the best guide to defend dark type pokemon in your gameplay.

Best dark type Pokemon  

best dark type pokemon

1. Umbreon

Umbreon is one of the most famous dark type Pokemon that are mostly loved by many players. Possibly, this pure dark type Pokemon is commonly known as the Moonlight Pokemon that makes more sense when it plays under the light of the moon. Umbreon is a great asset when it is on any team.

2. Darkrai

Darkrai is one of the nightmares of generation four. This dark type Pokemon has excellent power to distress the people during moon time. As a mythical dark type Pokemon, this Pokemon can be gained only in some special events. While battling, the power of Darkrai comes with full effect to make the opponents sleep.

3. Absol

Absol is one of the best dark type Pokemon which has a big fan base in Pokemon go. Absol is a special Pokemon that warns its opponents with the horn. Its horn gives power, which may lead to natural disasters like tidal waves or earthquakes. Hence, many refer to this Pokemon as a disaster Pokemon.

4. Weavile

Weavile dark type Pokemon evolved in the form of Sneasel that was introduced in generation four. It is the sharp claw Pokemon that communicates with the other types of slashing Pokemon. It has a good number of weaknesses, but it is hard enough to battle against the dragon type Pokemon with its high power. 

5. Houndoom

Houndoom is a demonic dog that can be carried within its cursed flame. Though this Pokemon is a bit embellishing, it is worthwhile playing as its exterior is bone-covered. Further, this demonic rottweiler is like a burning poison capable of causing pain to the opponents.

6. Zoroark

Zoroark is a fox Pokemon that was introduced in generation five. This Pokemon creature makes its home within the forest in the Unova region and uses its illusion power to divert its hunter or opponent away from its home place. The illusions of the Zoroark Pokemon are usually used to avoid quarrels. 

7. Zarude

Zarude is a mythical Pokemon that comes with the sword and shield. Most of the players call this Pokemon as a Rogue monkey. The angry look of Zarude has high power that grows vines from its arms and damages the opponents and heals his teammates. It is the best fighting Pokemon that fights under intense sunlight. 

8. Hydreigon

Hydreigon is the dual type Pokemon that can be found in the Unova region. It is known as a Brutal Pokemon. This dark type Pokemon is a demonic drake that originated from the Japanese legend. This Pokemon travels through the skies raining death and destroys its opponent. 

9. Bisharp

Bisharp is one of the excellent Pokemon that has the best-attacking stats around the game. This Sword blade Pokemon is one of the most unique Pokemon that resembles bishop on the chessboard. This Pokemon is evolved from the Pawniard and takes place as a commander in the army.

10. Honchkrow

Honchkrow is a widely used Pokemon that most gamers love to play in the game. This Pokemon is a dual-type Pokemon that is used as an advantage of murkrow followers. This murkrow Pokemon is the strongest Pokemon that survives long enough and defeats its opponent. 

Bottom lines

Thus, these are some of the best Dark-type Pokemon in our list. If you love any of the Pokemon in our catalog, get it for your game. Choose the best Pokemon to go and start playing the game with your favorite dark type creatures. We wish you the best.

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