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Apple MacBook Pros making its debut in 2012 with Super-high 2880 x 1800 resolution

Posted by Randy

Apple is practicing everything it will to differentiate its type of laptops, the MacBook Pro, from dozens of other “PCs” available. Nonetheless it appears that anything Apple does is copied, along with one or two cases made substantially better. Now Apple’s got another trick up its sleeve; a super-high resolution display because of its MacBook Pro lineup. The brand new MacBook Pro update for quarter 2, 2012 would have a display which has a maximum resolution of 2880×1880. This resolution would exceed even Full HD resolution displays, as well as the pixel density would be astonishing through these notebooks.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro would have an insane pixel density of 261 ppi. The 15-incher would become 226 ppi of density whereas the 17-incher would get 200 ppi.This isn’t only the one thing Apple has got on its card. The latest MacBook Pro might borrow the aesthetic appeal of their younger brother, the MacBook Air. This might do the MacBook Pro a slim and light-weight powerhouse for experts who demand it. The brand new design might mean a switch over to an SSD-only configuration. Although this may decrease boot-up and resume time substantially and start making sst more snappy; it should also drive what pattern of  the MacBook Pro up. Apple would want resolve this my re-introducing their MacBook lineup or a 15 inch MacBook Air.The optical drive might disappear altogether, the side-effect of having a slim chassis. While this may drive digital media distribution further, it’ll also become an inconvenience to put in software which come only in optical media.

Apple will probably release the drive as an ad on then. At this juncture, the one thing differentiating the Mac that came from the PC is the idea that it runs Mac OS. The processor and graphics card are compatible industry standard devices that are being used. Its an Intel/AMD processor and an AMD/nVidia processor.

 Apple hopes to differentiate itself coming from the PC by introducing these insanely high quality displays. A very high quality would make images and web surfing better. However, text might become a major issue, because the increase in resolution could be compensated for by way of the lowering of font size. Also a sufficiently powerful graphics processor could well be forced drive the display. This can in turn definitely drive the cost of the MacBook Pro up. And add to that the SSD-only configuration and lack of optical drive and now you have a fancier but pricier MacBook Pro but without the optical drive. The lack of the drive is going to be a deal-breaker most of the people.

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