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Techniques to Backup Your iPhone 5 Applications

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iPhone 5, which is one of the latest of the Smartphones with a touch screen, is a great success for Apple. All aspects of chic elegance and sophistication are apparent in this device. Its elegant design showcases finesse at its best. It was unveiled after the iPhone 4 and falls in the sixth generations of the iPhone.

It sports a high-resolution 4-inch display, which many will find is a great advantage. It also incorporates a custom designed processor known as Apple A6, a modernized Apple cell phone operating system together with support for LTE, furthermore, the IOS highlights over 200 new features. This phone and its features have made it to become one of the best handheld devices of the current age.

Although this operating system is highly updated, some users have had problems such as Bluetooth connection issues, Internet connection problems, third degree app problems, IOS six freeze problems, poor operation of passbooks and battery drain issues. This article does not deal with each of the problems individually, but it lets you learn how to back up your iPhone5 applications, so that you do not end up losing the valuable information stored on it.

Bet you have very important files, favorite videos, music contact and messages on your iPhone5. Backing up all your iPhone5 applications is the only way to be sure of not losing your data when your phone is stolen or damaged.


iCloud automatically backs up most of your sensitive data using IOS 5. Once activated the backup runs daily provided your phone connected to the Internet thorough Wi-Fi, is connected to a reliable power source and the screen is locked. To enable back up simply go to settings select iCloud followed by the backup and storage option.

Alternatively, back up your phone manually provided the device is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi by simply selecting ‘back up now’ after choosing the settings options followed by iCloud and storage and back up options.

iCloud back up is significant for iPhone5 users who prefer backing up their data without having to tether to a PC. After enabling your back up using, the methods outlined above it ill do you many good knowing the ins and outs of optimizing iPhone5 operating system back up experience.

When the backing up process is complete, you get to enjoy unlimited storage, which is free for purchased music TV shows, movies applications and books. Backups for bought music as well as purchased music are available only to people residing in the USA.

You also get an additional 5 GB  iCloud storage for free to store all ; your photos videos found in the camera roll, app data, ringtones, visual voice mails, home screen organization, app organization, device settings .

Users can check out how much storage space every data application consumes by using their home screens tap settings. If you are in need of more clouds storage, buy addition iCloud storage your phones IOS dev ice, use ether MC or PC. Note that iCloud does not back up movies, music  as well as TV shows that are not bought from iTunes  stores,  podcast books, audio books and photos which were originally sync d from your PC.


iTunes creates back up for your iPhone5 after you have disabled. By preference, manually back up your data with iTunes. First, connect your iPhone device to your personal computer using a USB cable the open iTunes. Go to the left menu and Click on your IOS device under ‘devices’. Ensure that you select the summary tab found at the top of iTunes. Look for the back up to this section button then click the sync button. iTunes stores your settings, camera roll and other important data then you have on your iPhone5.

iTunes will back up your calendar events call history, game center account, home screen arrangement, Voice memos, voice token, web  clips wall papers,  trusted host with certificates, notes networks settings,  messages, YouTube book marks, map books marks, safari book marks, mail accounts, offline web application database and application settings among other vital applications. iTunes backups do not accommodate content, which is synced to your device including movies, and music.

If your iPhone5 is protected from unauthorized use with a pass code, iTunes allows you to enter the pass code so that you can connect the device to your personal computer. Once you have entered the correct password, iTunes recognizes that your device is indeed authorized and will not need your pass code when backing up your data. Users can also delete backups created using iTunes.

It is also possible to store your iTunes backups on your computer. Select the folder for storing you are backed up data depending on your personal computers operating system. Ensure that you put your back up folder in your periodic data backup routine. iTunes stores back up files in Mac, Windows XP, Windows vista and Windows7.

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