Sunday September 11, 2011 07:15

Sony Reader Wi-Fi introduced

Posted by Randy

Sony has just introduced their most recent access into the world of e-book readers, what with the Sony Reader Wi-Fi – and if you are a natural fan of model numbers, you can always call it the PRS-T1. This is touted to be the lightest touch screen 6″ eReader device in the market and to date, where it claims to deliver the most natural and immersive reading experience yet for book lovers in a digital format, of course.The new Reader Wi-Fi will continue where last year’s line left off, where it is smaller and lighter now without sacrificing on performance as new and enhanced features have been incorporated. Tipping the scales at less than 6 ounces, this particular Sony Reader Wi-Fi will come with a 6″ E-Ink Pearl V220 touch screen display, where it is far smaller than your average paperback book so that it can fit into a bag or pocket in a jiffy. To conform to Sony’s signature device releases, this one too, will come in more than one color – black, red or white.

Sony’s Reader Wi-Fi also achieves another first by being the first model that delivers wireless connectivity to the public library system in both the US and Canada over a dedicated icon on the device that enables easy and convenient borrowing of free e-books courtesy of a valid library card. Apart from that, you are able to open up your mind to more than 2.5 million titles via a Wi-Fi connection from the Reader Store, where those who want to build up their digital book collection can do so by purchasing additional copies from a wide range of bookstores and other websites.The Reader Wi-Fi will also sport a glare-free Clear Dual Touch screen display with E-Ink Pearl electronic paper technology, delivering a high contrast image which would be easy on the eyes, even when you are reading under direct sunlight for hours on end. Want to flip the page? That’s easily done by swiping your finger, and you can zoom in on the text through the now standard pinching gesture.Expect the Sony Reader Wi-Fi to arrive sometime next month for around $149.

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