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5 Android Games Released Freshly in 2012

Posted by Randy

If you have had all you can take with Angry Birds, Diner Dash, Fruit Ninja and all the usual round of games on the Android, then you are probably dying to try out something new on your Android device. If so, then here are five greatly recommended games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

Pocket Clothier

Kairosoft has gradually built a name for itself in the mobile game business, with a particular specialization in simulation and time management games. Its latest product launch is Pocket Clothier, which should greatly appeal to female and younger players in general. The objective of the game is to run your own fashion boutique, making sure to hire workers for improved productivity, creating beautiful store displays, and managing the boutique’s inventory.

Overall, this is a game that puts your eye for fashion and overall shopping management skills to the test!


Designed with the collaborative efforts between The Chocolate Liberation Front and MTV network, this strange-sounding game actually offers one of the slickest, fast-paced, and fun games ever to hit the market in recent times. Offering the most superb 2D graphics, this game puts you in charge of an unfamiliar territory and lighting it up while battling with evil creatures along the way.

Commander Pixman

Games featuring old and familiar classic platforms are always fun to play and if this is the kind of game you are interested in having on your Android device, then you will definitely nove playing Commander Pixman. The objective of the game is simple: kill enemies that stand in your way and avoid traps while you complete all 135 levels of it. Designed by Noodlcake Studios, the game can be played on a variety of phones. However, it works best on high-end Android or iOS devices because of its ability to make good use of a phone’s powerful graphic features.


Some mobile users harbor the mistaken belief that all games on their Android devices are fun…but that’s it. Makers like Nevosoft, however, are keen to prove otherwise. Its latest offering, Tapadoo, is a fine example of how a fun phone game can also be educational. In this game, scribbles are transformed into puzzles of varying levels of difficulty that range from extremely easy to something literally mind-boggling. Naturally, the player with the most number of correct guesses wins.

Aqua Story

A lot of phone users prefer to play games that are extremely relaxing and won’t force your heart to jump out of your throat because of its fast pacing and increasingly difficult goals. One such example is Aqua Story, which provides players the opportunity to become virtual pet fish owners. Children and adults are sure to have fun choosing from a stunning array of fish to take care of. And like a real-life fish owner, you need to feed your pets regularly and perform other tasks essential to pet fish care.  Best of all, Aqua Story can play even on older Android models. And there you have it, five all-new games on Android that you shouldn’t miss out!

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