Monday May 17, 2010 15:22

Sarah Jessica Parker, Ranked last in ‘Sex and the City’ Poll

Posted by Randy


Pincer Vodka,  Parker’s cocktail-swilling journalist alter-ego  is  responsible for conducting a poll to mark the upcoming movie sequel “Sex and the City.” He was astounded when he learned about the results, “We were stunned with the outcome of the poll and we suspect Sarah Jessica Parker might need more than one Cosmopolitan to drown her sorrows.”

It seems that the fans of Sex and the City ignored Parker this time. They have voted her character as Carrie Bradshaw the show’s least sexy female.

Surprisingly Kristin Davis, the conservative art dealer, ranked first. Second to her is Kim Cattrall, then Cynthia Nixon.

The film will be released in theaters May 27 in U.S.

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