Monday April 20, 2009 06:54

Arrest warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan

Posted by Randy


An arrest warrant was issued for Lindsay Lohan by the Beverly Hills Superior Court on Friday, related to her 2007 DUI case, PEOPLE reports.

Lohan’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, called the warrant “a misunderstanding,” and said that she has been complying with the terms of her probation.

“Lohan was compliance with the terms and conditions of her probation and all other orders from the court,”“The warrant issued on Friday was, born out of sheer misunderstanding which I am confident I will clear up next week.”

Beverly Hills Police Lt. Mark Rosen said that the police are not ”actively looking” for her.

“We are not anticipating her surrender this weekend. But if she comes in contact with police, she’s subject to arrest. As for why we’re not actively looking for her, that’s not our procedure for this type of warrant. Her attorney is hoping to resolve this issue in the coming week. If it’s not resolved, I’m sure we’ll negotiate her voluntary surrender.”

Lohan is expected to attend a hearing on her case scheduled for Monday morning.

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