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Jarah Mariano: SI 2009 Swimsuit Issue

Posted by Randy

Jarah Mariano is featured on the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and she’s scorching hot!


Here’s a snippet of what the 25-year-old Hawaiian model had to say:

What was your reaction to getting into the Swimsuit Issue?

I was stoked at the thought, that someone must think I’m attractive enough or right for this job, which is still a surprise for me. I was really appreciative to be in it and the second time around I was still really happy because I thought I must have done something right to get called back again. So my first reaction was, ‘Hey, they like me,’ and my second reaction was, ‘Hey, they really like me.’

What makes you feel sexy?

Recently, when I was on vacation, I felt really sexy just being on the beach. It’s something about being in warm weather and under the sun and near the ocean. I feel sexy at the beach and natural. It’s everything about it. I don’t feel any stress or tension and you tend to feel better by the beach and when you’re there, you’re in a bikini and you just feel sexy. I feel good when a guy compliments me. That’s always nice.

People have said I look like…

To be honest, people tell me I look like Pocahontas when I have my hair in braids.

Jarah Mariano is the first Asian American model to grace the pages of Victoria’s Secret.

Her surname sounds Pinay to us but according to her, she’s of Hawaiian, Korean, and Chinese descent, which explains her truly exotic look.

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