What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source media streaming application software which provides so many entertainments such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and much more. Now-a-days, Kodi has become very popular among the users. It supports all types of operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linus, etc.

If you are using the Kodi app, please be aware of your Kodi repositories. You may know already, in the year 2017 was not a kind one for many long-standing best Kodi repos. Because of the dozens of these repositories are completely vanished and can never come back. But how did this problem occurs in the first place?

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The Roku Streaming Player is one of the best streaming players forever that has been manufactured by Roku, Inc. The Roku partners offer so many best content in terms of channels. A Roku streaming device normally gets the data that means the video stream through a wired or Wi-Fi connection from an Internet router.

The streaming boxes creating the rage these days, and there is no surprise in that their popularity is always increasing with every day that goes by. Some of the streaming boxes like kodi Roku will make it incredibly simple to organize your paid channel subscriptions that allowing you to access them from one place. Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday November 16, 2017 01:51

Ares Repo Shut Down: Source TorrentFreak

The Twitter Account for the Ares Project was deleted when the news about Colossus and Smash Repo has been broken out. The news will be exploded the internet when the people tried to relate the two events together. After a few minutes, This news will spread over the internet. As a result, its Facebook Page is also deleted.

Anyhow, the news cannot be shocker for anyone because there was an update posted on the Ares Project Website that it was going for the maintenance and backups, and surely it will be back very soon.

Why relay on addons, when there is something much greater than the addons? kodi builds are the best replacement addons. With kodi builds, you can install multiple addons in single click. And each build will have a customizable interface. You can change kodi depends on your needs. Go far builds and keep yourself updated to the trend. Read the rest of this entry »

Sunday May 19, 2013 01:41

is it legal to stream movies on kodi

Is Kodi legal?

Kodi is a media player. It was basically designed to play your own media. It was developed by Non profitable developer community. Due to the gaining popularity of kodi among the overall developer community, many other developers had planned to use its network features, to stream some pirated contents. So they developed addons, which gives additional functionality to the kodi. Some of these addon helps to streams the pirated contents. This casted a big rumor, that kodi is illegal.

In simple terms kodi is legal, if you are using it for playing your own contents. And at the same time, kodi is illegal if you are using it to watch pirated contents. This grey shade of kodi attracts many developers. And 100 of addons has been developed so far. Most of the addons act as the tool, to access the pirated contents. These addons are stored in a group called repository. A repository may have multiple addons, depends on the size of the repository. By using network feature, these repository has to be added to kodi, to install addons. Read the rest of this entry »

The self-driving car is in the phase of development. Time is not far when you will see these driverless cars in every part of the world. Presently, these cars are operating in two different US states. Recently, California State has given a permission to run this car on the road freely. Google is working to improve its efficiency through learning mechanism.

However, auto manufacturers and computer experts are thinking far ahead of self-driving cars. This vehicle will be more than a driverless car. The artificial intelligence technology introduced by Google in this vehicle can take it to next generation technology. This technology will be capable of performing function that human being can do in their regular life. The only thing required is the learning process. Some of the amazing prospect of this technology is discussed in detail below: Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday January 5, 2013 07:15

Techniques to Backup Your iPhone 5 Applications

iPhone 5, which is one of the latest of the Smartphones with a touch screen, is a great success for Apple. All aspects of chic elegance and sophistication are apparent in this device. Its elegant design showcases finesse at its best. It was unveiled after the iPhone 4 and falls in the sixth generations of the iPhone.

It sports a high-resolution 4-inch display, which many will find is a great advantage. It also incorporates a custom designed processor known as Apple A6, a modernized Apple cell phone operating system together with support for LTE, furthermore, the IOS highlights over 200 new features. This phone and its features have made it to become one of the best handheld devices of the current age. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday August 4, 2012 07:15

How Popular Will Google’s Project Glass Be?

When Google announced its plans to release a pair of augmented reality goggles, the industry was abuzz with discussions of how the product would function and what it would offer the already booming technology market.

Admittedly in the first instance the news was pretty groundbreaking, and after learning more of the details the news was even more impressive. But how did we get here and just how popular can the project be?

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Wednesday July 18, 2012 07:15

5 Android Games Released Freshly in 2012

If you have had all you can take with Angry Birds, Diner Dash, Fruit Ninja and all the usual round of games on the Android, then you are probably dying to try out something new on your Android device. If so, then here are five greatly recommended games that are guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours.

Pocket Clothier

Kairosoft has gradually built a name for itself in the mobile game business, with a particular specialization in simulation and time management games. Its latest product launch is Pocket Clothier, which should greatly appeal to female and younger players in general Read the rest of this entry »

Thursday June 21, 2012 07:15

iPhone And iPad Apps For WordPress Users

WordPress users, be it a designer, developer, or blogger, can now indulge in their activity in a simpler and easier way right from their iPad or iPhone. There are few apps, that these users can rely on so execute your hobby or profession even while you are on the move. Check out the write-up to know what those apps are!

1. WordPress for iOS

Use your WordPress to express your views. Voice out your opinions on various topics, write a new blog, adds new pictures, reply to the comments, or share the posts with your social network with WordPress for iOS. This app comes at zero cost. Even a newbie will be able to get started with blogging with this app in a hassle free, easy, and swift way with your iPhone or iPad. Read the rest of this entry »

Wednesday May 16, 2012 07:15

New Developments in Electric Cars

Rising gas prices and improved technology combine to make electrics more appealing than ever. Or at least that seems to be the prediction of auto makers.

American car makers, not previously all that enthused about electrics or hybrids, are getting into the game in a big way. GM will continue to market the plug-in hybrid Volt, and has introduced another plug-in hybrid model, the Opel Ampera, for the European market. There are also rumors of a Cadillac electric coming in 2013, and a plug-in hybrid SUV that seats five.

Ford plans to introduce no less than five electric car models in 2012. Leading the pack is the Focus Electric, a pure battery-powered vehicle that also incorporates a large percentage of recycled material in its manufacture and other eco-friendly features. It gets about 70 miles to a charge and, using a 240-volt recharge station, recharges its batteries in three to four hours. Read the rest of this entry »